• 1. Shampioni is an online football manager. Everyone with a username and password has the right to participate. It is prohibited to register more than 1 team per user.
  • 2. For users who have more than one team, they will be penalized by withdrawing their teams.
  • 3. Users have abandoned their teams, have not entered them for more than 30 days are automatically deleted.
  • 4. Using more than 1 user account is forbidden and is punished by withdrawal of the team.
  • 5. Sending SMS or other payment methods does not engage the game creators in any way, but allows you to use extras.
  • 6. If a player detects a bug in the game, he must immediately notify the administrator or his subordinates. For using and not reporting a bug, the player is punished by deleting the account.
  • 7. Direct / Login to a foreign account without the owner's knowledge, ie. hacking / and indirect / interference in the game of a foreign account, the offender is punished by deleting the account.
  • 8. If multiple users enter the game using the same network IP, the relevant users must prove that they are individuals in doubt.
  • 9. It is forbidden to make transfers between teams from one network IP. Financial support to another team by buying / selling a player is forbidden. The offender is punished by deleting the account.
  • 10. When found and used to circumvent the rules written here, the administrator has the right to examine and punish each case individually.

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