Privacy policy


The current policy of TIGS EOOD with UIC 206244006 and company registration address Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Lubljana str. 4 on the protection of privacy describes how we use, store and protect your personal information. which you provide to us in connection with the use of our services. This policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service .

If you have questions or comments about this Policy, you can find contact information or email us directly on the Contact page.

Please read this Policy carefully before using our services. It is written in as specific and clear a way as possible to make it easier for you to read and understand.

It is important to know that:

  • By registering on our platform, you agree to the Policy and expressly acknowledge that you accept it.
  • If you do not wish us to process your Personal Data in the manner described in the Policy, please do not provide it to us. The provision of Personal Data is voluntary, with a view to using or accessing the services of our Platform. Your possible refusal to provide the necessary Personal Data for the use of the services on our platform would mean a refusal to use or access the relevant services.
  • In certain cases, your explicit consent to the processing of Personal Data may not be required if there is another legal basis, for example: compliance with the legal obligations of the Administrator; need to perform a contract, etc.


THE ADMINISTRATOR : TIGS EOOD with UIC 206244006 and company registration address Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Lubljana str. 4

PERSONAL DATA : Any information relating to a natural person that is identified or can be identified directly or indirectly by an identification number or by one or more specific features.

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA : Any action or set of actions that can be performed on Personal Data by automatic or other means, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying , recovering, consulting, using, disclosing or transmitting, disseminating, updating or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying data

PERSONAL DATA SUBJECT : Any natural person whose personal data is processed.

THE PLATFORM : The term refers to a virtual platform owned by the Administrator, which covers the following sites served by a common technical infrastructure and program code:

Additional terms are explained in the Terms of Service .


1. Types of data subjects, Categories of data processed, Purposes of processing, Retention period

According to the way people use our Platform and the services it provides, they fall into several divisions listed below. Depending on them, the data of the Subjects are processed in separate Registers of personal data, and in each of them the processing may include different categories of data, purposes and grounds, retention periods, protection measures and others.

The same person may be in more than one of the listed units at the same time. For example, each Registered User is also a Visitor; each User-Buyer is also a Registered User and a Visitor.

a. Visitors
A visitor is any person who loads in his web browser a page, part of the Platform, or visits its various sections and pages (whether by directly entering the e-mail address in browser, or by reference from another website or resource).
Categories of data that can be processed: Online identifiers stored in local cookies in the visitor's device / browser ; Location data provided by the visitor or his device, with the permission of the visitor; Country / city data based on the IP address of the user device, an integral part of the information received from each website; Information about actions performed by the subject in the Platform; Subject preferences regarding specific aspects and settings of the platform's functionalities; Information about the type of browser / device used.
Objectives of the processing: Providing basic and auxiliary functions necessary for the correct and full functioning of the Platform; Counting the attendance of the Platform; Providing the necessary conditions for the implementation of services on marketing platforms.
Shelf life: Until the expiration of each cookie (up to 1 year from the date of registration), the holder of the respective information, or until deleted by the entity in whose device / browser it is stored.
Legal basis for processing: Consent to the Cookie Policy .

b. Email Subscribers
E-mail subscriber is any Visitor who has subscribed to an automatic electronic e-mail newsletter of the Platform, to receive e-mail letters containing different units information from the Platform, trade offers and others. The e-mail newsletter is sent directly by the Administrator, without the use of external intermediary services.
Categories of data that can be processed: Names, E-mail address, Location data, an integral part of the service, Subscriber preferences regarding the subject of his subscription (interest in cities and locations, categories, etc .; days of receiving letters and other settings), Information about the browser / device used.
Purposes of processing: Providing the possibility and service of electronic subscriptions (e-mail newsletters) for which visitors subscribe (subscribe) - to receive by e-mail various units of information from the Platform, trade offers and others.
Shelf life: Up to 6 months after the termination of the subscription by the subscriber or by the Administrator.
Legal basis for processing: Consent to be included in a list of recipients (subscription to e-mail newsletter).

c. Registered Users
Registered user is any Visitor who has registered in the Platform by entering an e-mail address (and / or username) and password, with which action create your so-called profile or account.
Categories of data that can be processed: Basic required data: Names, E-mail addresses, IP addresses; Optional data entered by the user: Location, Phone number, Gender, Age, Photo / Avatar, Facebook profile, Google profile; Other data: Information about actions performed by the subject in the Platform, Relationships with other users (online friendships, etc.), Information about the browser / device used


1. The sites of the Platform, as well as the external services used by them, provided by third parties, use cookies (cookies) for temporary storage of small particles of information, in order to function properly and provide maximum good services. Detailed information on the types of cookies used, settings, deletion, etc. can be found in the following document - Cookie Policy .


1. When registering on the Platform

a. By registering on the Platform, the Visitor (Registered User) receives the so-called account consisting of two directions:
Private User Profile : A separate part of the Platform containing information about the user required by the Administrator, stored with him, used and processed in accordance with this Politics. The access to the user profile by the Registered User is carried out by entering the e-mail address and password specified by him and possibly through other technical mechanisms. The user profile also serves the communication between the User and the Administrator.
Public User Profile : A separate part of the Platform, for social and marketing purposes, providing publicly partial information about the Registered User, including those specified by him data - name, age, gender, place of residence, photos, as well as specific details about his purchases through the Platform, as well as information about his public actions in the Platform, not protected by the Personal Data Protection Act and not prohibited by the Registered User his profile, to which he has access at any time; as well as information about connections and interactions between the user and other users (online friendships). The platform could use public data derived from users' activity and their publications for profiling purposes, including by third parties at their discretion.

b. When a user registers with the Platform, they receive a shared account for all sites on the Platform.

c. For more information about your ability to control your account settings, visit the Settings page (after logging in to your account).

2. When registering on the Platform through external tools (“Login with Facebook”, “Login with Google”)

When a User uses the tools to establish a connection between his Platform account and his Facebook or Google account for the purpose of registration (or subsequently after registration), he authorizes the Administrator to receive partial data from his account in the relevant external service, permitted by the User to be provided through his settings in the respective external service, whereby:
a. The administrator can receive User data, such as Names, Gender, Age, Location, Photo / Avatar, which data is added to the created User's account in the Platform.
b. The administrator may receive User data for relationships with other users (online friendships), which data is added to the User data in the Platform (transfer of online friendships) .
c. The Administrator may be able to send notifications to the User through the relevant external service, sent within the relevant external service, for communication or marketing purposes (for example: private notifications) on Facebook).

The information that the Administrator can receive and process by automatic technical means in the manner described is determined entirely by the User - through his settings within the relevant external service (Facebook, Google), in which he has account and which account he has decided to link to his account in the Platform. The registration of the user with these external services is considered as consent to the processing of the data provided through them.

3. When posting user reviews

In certain cases the User has the opportunity to publish his feedback and rating. Thus, the feedback published by the User becomes publicly available and publicly visible on the Platform, including: Its content, the name of the publisher, Photo / Avatar and a link to the profile itself.

4. When subscribing to notifications

Apart from the possibility for E-mail subscription, concerning Section III, art. 1 / b of this Policy, the Platform also supports alternative technical possibilities for a Visitor to subscribe to receive information. Such opportunities are t